Travel support for internship and study visit (BPSA)

Vocational internship and study visit (BPSA)

You are planning to do an internship or study visit (BPSA) for instance for collecting data for your thesis during your BA or MA studies? You are going to stay in Africa, Asia, Latin America or Southeast Europe (not the EU nor the USA)?
And if this stay offers the opportunity to find out about the chances of getting a job and starting a career, then STUBE can agree to pay for travel expenses and hand out so called “pocket money”. You will be reqested to fill in an application form. We will assist you in doing so.


What is finacially supported?

  • internship
  • study visit (for example collecting data for your thesis)
  • the stay is going to be in a development aid receiving country
  • the duration of your stay is going to last for at least 4 weeks up to 6 months at the very most

Who is financially supported?

BA and MA students currently enroled at a university in Saxony and who:
  • are from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Southeastern Europe (a development aid receiving country according to the DAC list)
  • don’t receive a scholarship
  • have already participated in STUBE events for at least one semester
  • want to help promote ecological and social development in their native country
  • will give a final (written) report and a presentation on their stay
  • submit all neccessary tickets, receipts, invoices


How to apply for it?

  • send a message before setting off as soon as possible to 
  • tell place, time and duration of your stay, details will be discussed later
  • send the application form to STUBE office at least 6 weeks before travelling
  • dates for application deadline are as follows: 15th January / 15th April / 15th June / 15th October every year
  • information day how to apply once the year in spring
  • next Infoday: 13. 4. 2024, online (zoom), 10 – 14.00, from 14 – 17.00 individual guidance by phone

Guidelines, application forms and documents for downloading

Brief impression

How could an internship or study visit look like? There are 2 examples of trips to Vietnam and Cameroon financially supported by STUBE .

A study visit and field research in Vietnam

The student did her Master in the International Master’s Program SEPT (small enterprises promotion and training) at University of Leipzig.  For her thesis she did a study visit to Vietnam in the begin of 2020. It was planned as a one-month trip to conduct interviews and collect data.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic there were a lot of changes in terme of time and finances. There were a lot of challenges. Even transport was cancelled but she could take her own motor scooter. So it was possible to visit an agriculture start up in the Mekong Delta and interview the CEO of an prosthetic producing enterprise in Vietnam like you see in the pictures.

STUBE supported the study visit and field research financially. So if you think of doing an internship or research read the criterias carefully and don’t hesitate to contact the STUBE coordinator if you plan to apply.

An internship in Cameroon – a long story

Noris did his Master in Sustainable Mining and Remediation Management at Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. He did an internship end of 2020 in Cameroon.

Noris talks with Gerardo (STUBE coordinator) and Zhasur (Student Assistant) about his stay, culture shock(s), application at STUBE and more.

Click here to listen to a relaxed talk of Noris, Gerardo and Zhasur.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

STUBE can refund travel expenses for internships and field research trips (BPSA) if you apply for it.

Students who are currently enroled at a university in Saxony and who aim to complete a Bachelor, Master or Diploma degree.

Please note, PhD students are not eligible to financial support.

In case you are studying in another Federal State of Germany, you may apply at the regional Stube office there.

For information check out:

We support internships and field research trips financially if they are related to tasks such as as collecting data for your thesis etc.

We would like you to participate at least twice in STUBE events in order to get to know you better. We expect you to contribute actively to STUBE after having granted you support.
Yes, we kindly ask you to do so. You will find help and support at the so called “information day” for internships and field research trips. It usually takes place in April or May. Don’t hesitate to contact students who have already been granted financial help.

We primarely refund travel expenses, being the costs for flight Tickets (from the airport in Germany to the destination; return flight and CO2 compensation included). 

Please note, the amount of financial help is limited.

It is possible to apply for extra financial support. This so called ”pocket money” is no higher than 500 Euros  and enables you to pay for different expenses. You don’t need to submit any receipts. However, you are requested to explain the reasons for applying for “pocket money”.

The amount of 500 Euros as “pocket money” for your stay is payed once.
There is a so called “information day”on this STUBE offer usually taking place in April or May. You will get essential information there. You can also speak to the STUBE Coordinator on this matter.
For the telephone number click on Contact.
For the email address click on
Unfortunately this is not possible. We have only small amounts of money at our disposal and would like to support as many students as possible.
Yes, they do. If they are enroled at a university in Saxony.
Half of the amount of the money STUBE Sachsen receives from Brot für die Welt.

These are primarily donations for Brot für die Welt/ Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie. The other half is given by the Free State of Saxony.