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Local activities

You are interested in particular topics? For example issues concerning society, economy, and ecology? Or how students from abroad are experiencing living and studying in Germany? You would like to tell what every day life is like in the country you come from?

STUBE would like to encourage you to get involved. Organising a movie night, or inviting a speaker in the town you are studying are only a few examples for a so called local activity. Last year’s high point was an evening session with the ambassador of Costa Rica taking place in Leipzig.

If you come up with a suggestion or an idea for a local activity, STUBE will help you organise it or support it financially to get the event going. Please contact a STUBE coordinator.

STUBE Alumni

You have already completed your studies? You took part in STUBE events in the past and are still eager to find out how and where other STUBE students live and stay? You would like get back in touch with old friends and make new friends on the Internet? Forming a network for work and life revolving around social committment is an integral part of the STUBE alumni work.

Mohtashim Bukhari (Germany) and Nazaruddin (Indonesia) are in charge of establishing contacts between STUBE alumni and students currently studying in Germany via the Internet.

You can contact them at:

Life without Racism

STUBE Sachsen is engaged against racism. For this reason, two photo exhibitions have been launched and can also be leased for educational purposes.
Life without Racism 2.0
Let’s be frank, all people are biased and prejudiced. It’s getting problematic if prejudice is the cause why people are being degraded and discriminated. Our intention is to create a sense of positivity versus the rejecting attitude of some people.The photos showcased are meant to evoke empathy and acceptance. Nobody is to be blamed or pitied. People are depicted as humans like you and me. They take centre stage. The portraits invite the beholder to view and regard every single human as being different & special, and to approach them with empathy and openness. The photos represent the idea and the wish to show each other mutual respect in our society.

Idea: STUBE Sachsen
Photos: Gerardo Palacios Borjas
15 Photos and 1 text,  light acrylic glass (60×80 cm)

You are welcome to initiate an opening event for the exhibitions. Plan about 60 min. There will be the chance to discuss about racism, to talk with each other and to get to know more how the exhibitions were developed.

If you want to lease: it will cost the transport of the photos, there can be more costs if you plan an opening event, donations are very welcome.



The exhibitions are/were showcased

  • 22.03.2021 – 30.03.2021 – Zentralbibliothek im Kulturpalast – Schlossstraße 2 01067 – Dresden
  • 15.03.2021 – Stadtbibliothek Herrenberg – Tübinger Straße 36
    71083  – Herrenberg
  • 11.01.2021 – 10.03.2021 – Evangelische Beratungsstelle Diakonie – Schneebergstraße 27 01277 – Dresden
  • 27.11.2020 – Ev.-Luth. Philippus-Kirchgemeinde Leutewitzer Ring 75 01169 – Dresden
  • Oktober 2020 – Januar 2021 – AG Asylsuchende Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge e.V – Lange Straße 38a | 01796 – Pirna
  • Juli 2020 – Stadtschloss Moabit – Rostocker Straße 32 und 32 b
    10553 –  (absage wegen Coronavirus) Berlin
  • Mai 2020 – Moabiter Ratschlag e.V. – Sprengelstraße 15
    13353 – (absage wegen Coronavirus) Berlin
  • 14.02 – 30.04.20 – Ladencafe aha – Kreuzstraße 7 01067 –  Dresden
  • 07.01 – 24.04.20 – Evangelische Studentengemeinde – ESG Leipzig – Alfred-Kästner-Straße 11, 04275 – Leipzig
  • 04.11.19 – 07.01.20 – Diakonie Sachsen – Obere Bergstraße 1 01445 (09.00 – 16.00 Uhr) – Radebeul
  • 23.09.19 – 04.11.19 Ev.-Luth. Landeskirchenamt Sachsens EVLKS – Lukasstraße 6, 01069 Dresden
  • 16.07.19 – 20.08.19 – ESG Dresden – Liebigstraße 30, 01187 – Dresden



Life without Racism – in Saxony and everywhere

Another 15 photos were taken by international students as a reaction to racist attacks in 2016.The photos are meant to be a reminder to stand up for a life without hate and racism.

Idea: STUBE Sachsen, Photos: Christoph Boosen